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31 January 2009

winter with a small w

went to pick up the youngest on the Big Dummy the other day. He prefers the "trailerbike", but it's been a while since I rode the Dummy, so.

One guy on a road bike caught me on the pave climb to take the trail to the other trail to get here:

and he asked me how I lik my ride, and was cool and friendly. We had a nice chat about cargo bikes and cross bikes, and I took him for granted.

Later on, another guy on a road bike caught me on the flats out Carmel Valley Road and he snickered "Good Luck!", and I remembered what a bunch of dicks there are on road bikes.

It is true, it really does ride better when loaded. The rear end feels more. More hookup, more feedback.

That is some good cargo.

We got a flat and hung around roadside patching the tube. 2 cars stopped and asked if we needed help. 1 mom lady was very concerned. 0 problems were had. All patched up (because we roll with a pump and patch kit, yo) and we rolled on and on.


Later on we got home to find a package from Swobo containing a cap. This is worth mentioning because I had received an email from Sr. S. Smith, a representative of that organization, exactly 2 days prior informing me that he had "somehow, some way" gotten wind that I was in possession of a defective winter cap, and asking me if I wanted a replacement free of charge. I replied that it was weird that he had that info, which was true info. And further, I had requested an RA# at minimum 4 years ago which I had received and then not acted upon for so long I just let the hat rest in my accessories drawer. A hat full of silent reproach.

So now, at least 4 years later, he wants me to have a replacement.

Heck yes!

New one on the left, old one on the right. The problem with the old one was that the brim flippy flopped down in your eyes. The new one does not do so.

So, if you wanna buy with confidence I recommend Swobo. They have good products and good people.


The timing of this whole Swobo plug is ironic, too. Because this weekend past was the Josshole's Training Camp I rode with some new-to-me folks. One of the people involved was very pointed in noticing my Swobo knickers (c.1999). When the sag vehicle met us and (Give Thanks!) there was beer in the cooler, I opted to drink a bottle. I opened it on my Time pedals; it's like they were made for just such a purpose. One (1) of the other guys wanted a beer, but couldn't figure how to open it. He saw that I had one open and asked how I'd gotten mine open. I told him, and the same noticer said, "Oh, he's wearing Swobo pants, of course he knows!" So there is that going for them, which may or may not be nice. It is more true than not, I guess.

Anyhow, here are some pitchers:

That's my full suspension(!) rig in the foreground. Forgot about that one, huh? Me, too. It is the 2nd time I've ridden it at all since last summer's Colorado Trip. I felt squirrely all day. It saved me from a beatin though.

It was some of the same bike geekery ("you got a nice bike and you just had to go and put those bars on it and make it...") as on Friday, but Mr. Coach B______ thinks I interpret it all wrong- that it's not amazement and wonder at the fact that I ride what I do, but at how crusty and degenerate I am while still (barely, barely) hanging on to the group. I'd say that's probably as true as anything else.

Barely. Hanging on. These are up the Grind towards Laguna Seca, and we'd already put in several fast loops on the old race course by the Scout Camp and such. Fast loops.

Remember that story about the sprinting dog and thinking I could probably outsprint a predator? Same thing. I had the vaguest of notions that I had speed and could place (if not show) if I wanted...not after chasing those racers around. I cheated on Friday's Fremont Climb (taking a motor pull), skipped their ~80miles of road on Saturday in favor of work, and cheated again on Sunday and still could just keep them in sight if someone at the back waited a little. Huh.

So here is where I spent my ill-gotten time bonus. I cut out Couch Canyon in favor of riding from Laguna Seca across the saddle to a safety break, lounging in the sun, eating a nice lunch, and lying around. You see the trail down there? That's the beginning of the climb up Hurl Hill...

seen here, nearing the top.

And summitting.

The welcome sight of the sag...

We all agreed to skip the planned Toro Park addition, which by then was A-OK with me. Once we got back (by way of the tortorous 3 Bitches and Ewok) to the East Garrison side somewhere around the 45 (that's it?! felt like a LOT longer to me) mile mark, I peeled off for the secret spot and some quiet beers in the shade.
Bikes. And bike riding.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

What kind of bars are those? They look to me like the would reduce some of my (already bad and post op) ulnar disharmony. Hook a parishioner up Rev!!!
P.S. The pic of hurl hill made me throw up in my mouth a little.

Fxdwhl said...

could it be the all seeing eye of stevil spotted your comment on my blog? I quite fancy my cap and have worn it everyday since. ear flap is a bit small for WINTER but I've improvised.

vagrants with bikes usually shy away from training camps but good show for representing us with style.

reverend dick said...

HWB-those are On One brand Mary bars (your LBS can get them from BTI I think), and as Sailor Ripley told the punk in the bar-"to me [they] represent my individuality and my belief in personal freedom".
If you got forearm issues, they might help. I also have the Ergon grips on, but those I am not crazy about.

FW- That was my thought. He was very mysterious about the where, saying he did not know. Maybe I should comment on your ALL POWERFUL blog that papa needs a new Sackville Bag from Rivendell...
I lik your "WINTER". 2 words: 1)ice 2)velocipede
And at least 1 guy took up the degenerate torch by having a beer mid ride. Riding should be, uh, fun.

Little_Jewford said...

Well you had to do it...all this talk about small w's and the rains comes...happy?

YuriB said...

That is a well reasoned argument for a big dummy. Does the munchkin have foot pegs?

I loved my Swobo 29 merino jersey until the wife washed and dried it. They make a good stuffs.

reverend dick said...

LJ- maing, I am worried about fires this coming summer. I am glad for some rain-bring that shi_ on.

YuriB- no pegs for the leetle guy, he just sticks his feet in the bag and they hang. He's used to riding there. He's my podna.

Little_Jewford said...

True that .... we can use all the precip we can get .... should make the long route at the C.L. even more epic.