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30 January 2009

Team Joselyn's Training Camp Weekend?

Footie's Gospel Train:

I could ride that train to some kind of Glory. Even if it don't carry no jokers; no snuff takers or cigarette smokers...this train is bound for Glory. This train:

Friday was Fremont Peak. Meet in Salinas and ride out over San Juan Grade (which hurts me so much; it is really hard for me to give it if I can see all that laid out in front of me. I prefer to be tricked with twists and turns). You see the support car following some of the (all) people in front of me...

to the approach to Fremont itself.

87 degrees, sucka. HOT.
Other folks have Power Tap data and GPS and whatnot, so you should really search the web for that valuable info.
It was hot, and it was hard.

I was so glad to tuck back under the cool oaks on the rollers up top...

It was real "team-like", so there were no hijinx (except for me taking a pull from the team car to catch the middle group on the lower flanks- a move which upset one of the stragglers as I was motored by him- I slungshot off the car and passed those guys like they were going backwards, & I love that.) I say, "what the HELL is the point of a broom wagon if there is no beer in the cooler?" Most of the guys are mellow, but it is definitely that racy bullshit scene where people congratulate me (for riding at all?!?) like it's amazing I'd attempt to ride "seriously" without a sub-17lb complete bike, and I find that so tiresome. They are not even aware they're condescending, so I just say "Thanks." and leave it, but. If I'm feeling expansive, I'll explain that it is not the bike holding me back. Usually they just look at me blankly.

whatevah! Fremont is a good hard climb, like I lik. had the 28s on the road/cross Black Cat, and it felt as zippy as anything.

Coach B______, who gets it from way back. All around hard man, and darned nice fellow. I followed him and Mark F______ on the descent- bigringing the whole thing and spun out. That shi_ is fun! The lower curves are swooped just right for going hella fast. The top section, a little scary with the hairpins. Particularly that one- the one where you imagine how bad it could be if a car came around at just the wrong moment? Well, today was almost that moment for me, as I came in way too hot and overshot the turn to the tune of crossing the oncoming lane and into the gravel while a red Suzuki came barreling up at us. Whew, Give Thanks.

I was supposedly sponsoring the team with massage, but there appear to be some issues- not least that my logo didn't make it on the kit. I will be getting to the bottom of this. I'll be working on some riders tomorrow night after Day 2 of the camp, and attempting to join them on the dirt on Sunday. We shall see.

Now, I am tired.


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Nice post Rev. I am feelin it. Kill the lite bikes!!!

reverend dick said...

I picked up F____ P____'s bike later the next day, and it is a shade over 15lbs. It's like a beachball! Ridiculous!

There may be something to the lightweight bike must weigh at least 10lbs more than that.
Ah, fuck 'em, my bike is funner. And it still will be so ten years down the line.