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19 January 2009

flyness be the reason that my shi_ cracks

whether in Dada jeans or crepe silk slacks..perhaps a dirrrrrrty apron.

Today was Bike Repair Day here at the House of Dick.

First up was finalizing L's Crosscheck handlebar swap. Yes, the Moustache is back. Classic Bianchi Celeste tape. "There are several contradictory myths concerning the origin of this colour - it is the colour of the Milan sky, it was the colour of the eyes of the former Queen of Italy, for whom Edoardo Bianchi once made a bicycle, it was the serendipitous mixture of surplus military paint."- wikipedia. Whichever, it is a great "colour" with a rich history.

Here's hoping the ride goes well for her ash. Friend C____ (birfday gal) was speculating that her teammates might push the pace and frustrate L by dropping her to the tune of a couple hours. WTF?!? I said (and do say still) "it's a Birthday Ride- not a race. Those 'teammates' are lame if that's how they behave. You have your own Good Time, and if you feel like stopping for a snack and some wine, go right the hell ahead. It's a Celebration." You'll notice I added the light, though, in case...

All fired up, it was N's townie next. The school bike gets some love:

Lowered generator light mount for better basket access, better lighting, and less chance of middle school random vandalism.

That's right, bicthes. True dirtbags don't need no fancy Gino/Paul's mount (which is admittedly very nice). Nor the Velo Orange mount (which I do covet). And, plus, this reeks of class and sophistication. Possibly just of cheap wine.

I swapped some parts around on some other bikes, and splashed a bunch of TriFlow over everthing. Feels good to have working bikes working good.

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reverend dick said...

I can admit now that this did not pan out so good. The cork rotates. It may be fixable with grip washers, but I suspect not. In the short term, I've ziptied the light to the basket. This will probably be permanent until it breaks or something...