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06 January 2009

even I adore you

"Then came also the ghost of Theban Teiresias, with his golden sceptre in his hand. He knew me and said, 'Ulysses, noble son of Laertes, why, poor man, have you left the light of day and come down to visit the dead in this sad place? Stand back from the trench and withdraw your sword that I may drink of the blood and answer your questions truly.'

"So I drew back, and sheathed my sword, whereon when he had drank of the blood he began with his prophecy.

"You want to know,' said he, 'about your return home, but heaven will make this hard for you..." The Odyssey, Homer.

Looking for some help from the spirits, looking for work. Pounding the trails to the streets to hand in resumes...Massage seems to be discretionary spending these days.

Still, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet.


Fxdwhl said...

best wishes on a noble quest. just no pre-interview trail beers.

Human Wrecking Ball said...

Good luck Rev, I'm pouring one for the homies on the east side for ye'!

reverend dick said...

Thanks, fellas. No, no pre-interview beers.

Gunnar Berg said...

You sure picked a tough time for your Odyssey. Then, I guess it wouldn't be a true test of your metal if it were not difficult.
At all times remember, we are not what we do for money, we are what we do at home.

Good luck.