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11 February 2009

what's this?

What's this? There's something in the air...

Quick loop in the local hills today.

Stopped for an easter egg, but took it down trail a ways to crack that egg in a drier and more open spot. As I sat there, I wondered about that one faint trail behind the sunny rocks on the ridge (as I have before, idly). Today I walked that trail, and a flash of white caught my eye. Contrasting the drab scrub was an old/tattered bedspread. I saw an open flat spot about 8 feet in diameter through the brush from the bedspread and I thought, "Aha! Potential stealth camp site..."

These were tucked against the scrub at the edge. Which struck me as odd. They are full of some faintly vegetable smelling liquid- almost like Rice Dream. Weird. That's a lot of work, hauling those up there full. So I looked around a little more, and I saw

this, which freaked me out. A little, because Chris and Snoop be making zombies, yo.

But I got over it, and pulled back the cover to reveal

Yes. That is what it looks like. I covered it up like it had been and continued on my ride.
This is the 2nd time I've come upon this type of situation in that area. Last time, I left it all alone, and ended up cleaning up lots of trash left behind. Of course I went back to check! Like you wouldn't? This time, I am debating other options.

What would you do? Come on now, everbody... weigh in. You can be anonymous if you lik.


Jonny Hamachi said...

I'd leave that shit alone. People working hard. If you've got space to grow, you can sprout your own.

Later when it's matured, maybe I top a couple, or maybe take one full matured, or maybe I get shot. Probably not for less than 20 plants. There's too much available for too cheap, buyers market.

Next time passing through keep an eye open, maybe you even know those farmers.

Jonny Hamachi said...

Oh, Wait. That's marjuahananica. That's illeagal. I don't know what you should do. Um, but Don't Talk To Cops.

Anonymous said...

Those poor poor plants are being left out in the cold. You must rescue them!

tom said...

Agree with Jonny. I'd definitely cut it a wide berth for the next several weeks. Up here (in the more law-free regions of BC) I've heard tell of tripwire shotguns to keep folk from nosing around.

Or you could do something bold like drop a cache of beer right beside. You know, good will and all.

Little_Jewford said...

Me, I'd just steer clear....I'm got no reason to drop a dime on an operation of that size and who knows how our little farmer would react if you ran across them.

Troy said...

Me, I would call the cops...why?
-illegal growers cause heaps of pollution with fertalizers, pestasides, and other chemicals .
-this in turn poisons local wildlife and possibly other plants
-these contaminants also cause ground/surface water pollution.

I have nothing against growing plants but it's the pollution that is an issue for me. Also say some kid or teen rolls up on the growers, what kind of response do you think they might get?

Ron Georg said...

Howdy, Reverend--

I'd wait a few months, then take a ride up on the Hunter. With its specially-designed non-drive seat-stay, it's ideal for that kind of terrain. No 5-0.
Happy Trails,
R__ G____
In the land of full retail (buyer's market?)

Anonymous said...

I don't really get the quandary. Like other malum prohibitum crimes, the only reason they're illegal is 'cuz a bunch of dead white guys said so. Do these dead white guys tell you other things? Sure, it's illegal to smoke dat shit, pay for sex, kill yourself, jaywalk, ride your bike "over there." Would you report those choices?

So, in that light, it's somebody that is growing a plant. Got a problem with that?

As for the pollution issue, do you report litterbugs? Perhaps a better option: leave a kind note suggesting that cleanup and organic techniques will lead to more success. I guarantee it will be carefully considered. Karma.

Your attorney.

Anonymous said...

One thing I'd definitely wouldn't do ... post the pics on your blog. Next thing you know the police are sending a subpoena to blogger trying to get your personal info.

reverend dick said...

Thank you all for playing this simulation.

This pretend scenario, which involves nothing actual or substantial, is purely hypothetical. Your reactions have been noted and will be used for further character development in my secret novel.

I would interpret this fictional vignette as involving a single youth-not some cartel bent on gunning down the citizenry or dumping toxins in a twisted bid for black market funding.

Nor would I anticipate the po po spending time/resources on something like this. Anyways, as per the advice of my lawyer I am drinking another beer and deleting the offensive picture.

Don't talk to cops indeed.

Anonymous said...

you should make friends so you can enjoy the harvest.

Anonymous said...