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28 February 2009

on heckling

So D is an impressionable 9years old, and his view of acceptable behavior at sporting events has (unfortunately) been shaped by people like you.

He is now playing basketball in the YMCA league around here, is why I bring it up. After this cross season's bell ringing, etc. I had to explain to him that it is (confusingly) poor form to holler "Stop Sucking!" at the opposing team during your time on the bench.


Gunnar Berg said...

When I was growing up it was considered good form to politely cheer the opposition, even if they were from the nearest town, which we all knew was populated with bad people. Booing and heckling was reerved for bad officiating and poor sportsmanship.

A23 said...

Be happy he wasn't wearing a stained bunny suit, spraying cheap beer and waving dollar bills.

reverend dick said...

That is true fellas. It could be worse.