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21 February 2009

Licensed to ill?

It is as if "they" have reached into my dreammind and brought out a picture of my deepest bicycle desires...

photo from SOMA Fabrications via the flik'r mixte group pool

BRASS FENDERS?!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?
I didn't...well, yes-but...when....who distributes....

The fenders are tagged as Tanaka, but my searches have come up with naught. Someone help me realize my dreams of the Big Time, and all my dreams will come true. I'll be happy at last.


Anonymous said...

Make it yourself:

1.5"X36"X.05" 2 pieces =$18.90

Tom said...


Jim Thill said...

Merry Sales.

grommet said... $101.99

reverend dick said...

"all my searches" fffffft.
Thanks, internet answer-knowers! I will act on this info to achieve never ending happiness.