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27 August 2008

New Adventures

I keep thinking about railbiking.

The Bentley Railbike plans are available from this site, and it looks very simple yet effective. I like that it keeps the bike useable off-track as well. We could mount a platform on the bottom struts of the outrigger and load it with some lightweight camping gear+food.

There are some commercially available railbikes here. They look pretty solid. They look nice and low, and could handle a load of camping gear+food. They also look they'd be a giant pain in the ass to heave off the track in a hurry. I think the heavability is no small thing. Let's be honest: you know as well as I that we're not going to be content to just tool around on some 3 mile long abandoned railway. C'mon. Don't kid yerself, we want to ride across Nevada or down to Mexico.


Fxdwhl said...

did waits ever write a song about rail biking?

reverend dick said...

I don't know. Anybody?

But, he'd be the guy to railbike with. What a seedy adventure that would be...

dezreen said...

if you need some ideas, chuck kroger of tride (who passed away last dec.) did tons of rail biking around tride, durango and cuba(!). his wife, kathy green, could be a great resource or know who to connect you with. look up 'bone construction'.

reverend dick said...

I remember Bone Construction. I'm sad to hear Chuck passed. I didn't know him personally, but he was clearly a kickass guy.

Thanks for the info. I delegate this Official Church Responsibility to Cormac: Find Out Stuff.