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14 August 2008

hand over mouth

Went running yesterday. I toyed with running last summer/fall, and it works. It's a time saver for sure- it's quick out the door, you can pack a 3 hour ride into a 45 minute run, and it just feels less involved than a ride (there's no gear to put on, or last minute mechanical shi_ to do). It's also not fun.Bike are fun, but lately I haven't had the time to really get some. And it's been showing. So, running. I felt like poo starting out and for the first 5 minutes. Then I stopped to stretch (see? I can learn) and after that settled into a rythm. I started to think how nice it felt, and how I should maybe run all the way down to the beach and such. But I knew that'd be too much and reigned it in, which was good because after I stretched for the 2nd time (before climbing the hill to home), my quads and calves were hurting in that deep almost crampy way. Felt surprisingly OK this morning. I had a little deep/lactic pain in the calves, which I rubbed out. Now just some fatigue in my quads.

Stretching is key.

Finally, I forgot to mention that on the Western Trip, T___ carried a toilet brush and lube in his pack. I cannot stress enough how crucial this was. At one point, in Crested Butte, it started raining. We'd already had our first brush with on/off downpour on the Lizard Head-Durango ride, which I mention because having been through that I put my jacket on as soon as the first drops hit. It was a good thing I did, too. It immediately became a hard, stinging torrent. This then turned to ice. It was pretty high, maybe 10,000 ft or so.( It was like you were standing just out of grabbing range and hurling handfuls of marble sized ice shards at me as hard as you could without stopping.WTF? Why would you do that?) Oh, it was a steep uphill so I was walking. After 7 or 8 minutes of this, there was a soccer ball sized clot of mud at the BB which prevented the wheel from turning. So I carried the bike for a while. When I caught up with J__&T___, they were in the trees- perfectly dry and warm. At least there was the brush, you know, to take the edge off.

When your drivetrain is covered in gunk, this is huge. Take heed.

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