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30 April 2008

Snuck in a sneak

J and I rallied today for 3 hour tour before I went to work today. Wouldn't be prudent to write down all the routes we took today, suffice to say there was lots of forbidden dirt goodness. And, plus I had given J the choice as we started up the hill today, so he gets the credit for choices well called.

He picked the high route, and man did it pay off. The leetle guy continues to improve on the trailabike- the other day, he jumped off unbeknownst to me at a corner, and I was 1/2 way out in the 4 lane street before he started crying and running after me- Give Thanks I crossed with the light...and, now I check as well as remind him not to get off without permission. He does rock the bike quite a bit when he tries to hammer, and he really does try. I do have to keep on him about pedaling easy in the middle rather than dropping side to side, because it really throws the bike sideways and could be dangerous. Strangely, although I can really feel his added power on steep climbs, I don't feel the bike throw sideways. Not sure what goes on there. I also remembered his gloves the last couple days, and that's good.

So there was this
which was closed to traffic and that's rad.From there, it was a little way on streets and then a dirt cut through to the the street we explored the other day with all the unexplored singletracks leading off. We took some of them today, and came upon this encampment

which was super clean all around (1 empty can= total litter). Kinda creepy not knowing where we were completely and encountering an empty camp. I know there're a lot of homeless folks who squat around that area. Whoever camped there chose a good spot and was careful enough to remove all their goods when not home, so there was an odd reassurance in that. At least they're not so loosely crazed?
Then we stopped to say hi to Old _odd, who was behind the market and Gets It.
Finally up through Skyline to Huckleberry to sweet wrapping singletrack back down to Carmel. Quick and dirty through town to the finish. SWEETNESS.
Nothing but feeling good today. L comes home tonite. Yay!


Matt_J said...

Those pictures are so beautiful they make my teeth hurt. Plus you get to drink Hamms. Heaven on earth my friend.

reverend dick said...

We're here to have a Good Time, yes indeed.

Charlotte said...

Awww, man, I grew up in Carmel (well, the Village) and have not made it home with a bike yet. I'm dying to ride there and your pictures don't make it any easier.