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02 April 2008

Batman dancing

You interest me....Strangely.

What the heck did he mean by that?


macmorg said...

Well, he meant "Really, I'm so campy, I'm almost Gay but I find you somewhat attractive". No, he meant "If only you were dressed like Robin, I could kiss you". No, he meant "After that huge shot of Bailey's Irish Cream and Jagermeister I just drank, you interest me, Strangely, or was it Molly?".
There is something William Shatnerish about that whole interaction, or should I say, Captain Kirkish. I could see Kirk saying the very same thing...

reverend dick said...



About all of it.

Captain Kirk drinks Bailey's and Jagermeister? Eeewww.

l'il hateful said...

What the?!? That's Tiffany Case from "Diamonds Are Forever!" Oh the horror. The horror! Jill St. "Blow up your pants" John. I heard she was in MENSA even. That attracts me ... strangely.