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15 April 2008

We deal in lead.

That Yul Brenner moves like a dancer.


Good stuff, no matter how you slice it.

Got shut out trying to slip in to Ft. Ord above Seaside High today. J on the back of the xtracycle, easy to lift over the gate. Listen to the 1st guy's line about how it's closed- tell him not to see me as I go by. The 2nd truck comes to a stop and opens the door, "you can't ride in here, bud" dopplers by as I wave and keep on, but the 3rd guy was serious. Gave me "2 choices"- turn around or he calls the cops. They were digging up ordinance. He meant it. Dang, so close. Followed me all the way back to the gate and waited while we went out.

Insults, swallowed...none?


Human Wrecking Ball said...

Theres nothing sweeter than a five finger snickers!

reverend dick said...

Stolen candy, indeed.