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27 April 2008

Lots done on the bike this weekend

L is in NYC for "business", and she's feeling much better. When we spoke last, she was at the Hair show (industry convention, not Broadway) and was going on to get a foot detox and cocktails. She consulted with her opthamologist(her eye was pretty swole) and a plastic surgeon(stitches removed) before leaving, and got the clean bill. Heck yes, she's feeling better- she's gone until Thursday!

Which left me with the boys, as N ditched us for a weekend long sleepover. So Saturday we hung around the house. I patched several tubes that had been laying around waiting, fixed a flat on the Long Haul Trucker and removed fenders from same (no more rain for several months-jinx). I then took the Surly Nice Rack front rack off and replaced it with the smaller Nitto cantilever mounted rack, which had been on the Xtracycle. Removed my poor beat winter rear wheel with the hippity hop and the hippity ho, and reinstalled the proven performing (c.1995, emmaeffahs) WTB Greaseguard hubbed wheel. I was just mentally patting myself on the back for being so forward thinking as to replace the used spare spokes on the LHT the other day, when on that same ride I broke a nipple on the substitute front wheel. I never build with bullshit aluminum nipples for just that reason, plus I'm a big boy and not gettin a whole lot trimmer.The wheelset I currently have with aluminum nipples was gotten in trade, and now it's time to rebuild...with brass nipples just like yo mama.
Next, I mounted the Surly rack on the Xtracycle for more capacity there (proven need from the last camping trip). I then built a new front wheel for the Xtracycle (in anticipation of a Big Dummy...someday)from a Shimano DH-3D71/ 32hole Mavic x719 26" rim. I have had good experiences with this hub so far (this being #3bikes so equipped), the drag is very low, it's readily available from your LBS, and real inexpensive like. I'm completely sold on generator hubs/lighting. The Schmidt stuff is super appealing, but equally expensive. Check out Peter White Cycles if you're innerested.

Then we rode to the store for cat food and Boboli.
So, the Boboli has some cheese (not much) on top and Whey and casein-from-milk in it, so we're jackvegans for certain. But damn, it makes a pizza real easy. Roasted some red bell peppers, made some tempeh shaushage.
Mmmmm, guys eat.

Sunday? Poolside, bitches.

P.S. I received a picture of the Sleaze Otter finish:I'd be careful if you encounter any of these people,they are degenerates. I'd estimate that twice this many folks registered...that's how grueling (retarded?) the course was.

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