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28 April 2008

Cans don't open so good on their own.

Fact. You really need an opener. We've come real close to forgetting the Swiss Army Knife before (to the point of riding a block from home before remembering and turning around), but always pulled it off. So today, our number was up, and with a sinking feeling, I searched the bags hoping there was something that would work. It came down to pounding the can lid with a tiny Leatherman's flathead blade and a rock to punch holes around the rim...J was SO into this procedure. Banging and tools? If he had his rathers, we'd be doing it this way everyday.


macmorg said...

What's wrong with using your teeth?
No, but seriously, some bikes have bottle openers on their rear dropouts, what about a can opener?

Anonymous said...

Missing Epic rides in Moab, but I am sure your computer chair is really comfortable.
Writing about riding can be more fun.
What the hell are you talking about cans for?
The only cans I have lying around are Old English in the recycling bin.
Bikes not Blogs!
The ENIGMA adds it is still not over between me and you Dick I mean Rev. Dick.
Love ya, email us.
Hugs and Kisses
XO for KSJAandS

reverend dick said...

Corm- I don't have the proper choppers for that job. The can opener bike would sell real well amongst the growing set of canned lunch cyclists. I hear it's quite popular in Europe.

As for you people- cluck, cluck, cluck little chickens. Big talk from folks who may have heard about an Epic Ride but opted not to ride it.And, plus what's with the roundrobin sentences? Did you take turns coming up with what to say while hooting and drinking expensive imported beer? Cuz let's be honest, those who drink OE...are not recycling anything.
I'll listen to your heckling once you've come out here and ridden some bikes in some fun places.

Matt_J said...

Cool. The Mothers of Invention and all that.