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23 April 2008

Like a teacher in the summer...

I have a dirty secret about which I am coming clean: I watch the Real Housewives series. I know, I know. I know. But it's beyond my power to stop. I don't seek it out, but like the train wreck it is- if it's on as I pass by I'll gape in wide wonder. Damn, do I love to hate those bitches.
The Orange County set up was actually far less hateable (for me, as only the real estate domineering alcoholic Vicki was completely detestable while the others were self indulgently grotesque but not as...out of control?) than this crop of sour NYC grapes. Though the goblin headed, socially grasping ghoul that is Alex made me cringe each and every time she appeared(with her husband who, I quote the 1st link, could not be more gay without exploding into pieces of candy) it was the _ucking Countess that really sticks in my craw.(I've got a craw, you know) This woman married into some family title, and considers herself to be above people because of it. The whole notion of aristocracy makes me angry and sad. To think, in this era, that some people buy this line of horseshit? That there's an inheritable Quality to these fools that necessitates deference or respect? Astounding. The exposure of the Countess's sneery entitlement came when she was introduced to a driver as LuAnn (by the surprisingly tolerable, though unfortunately named Bethanny) and she flipped out. If her reasoning in wanting/demanding to be introduced to (lesser mortal) men as Mrs. Whateveritis was that she wanted her marital status out in front, I'd have no problem. As it is, it was just that he was a driver, not an equally valued human being. She talked about writing a book on manners?I hope she is spit upon.

It colored my thinking all day. I thought about people I've known who have an innate Grace and bearing. I thought about Audrey Hepburn and Roman Holiday I thought about Noblesse Oblige. I thought about where to stop for Brown Lunch, today. J and I found some new cut thrus (closed to autos!) and some new trails! After living here for 7 years, we found stuff I'd only had the vaguest notions might be there. So rad. You want hints? Westland. Sylvan. JP. Upcoming group sneak around the Monterey Peninsula in the works. Get your alternate route knowledge, some tepid beers, and meet me at a time/place to be decided...

At least it isn't American Idol?


Little_Jewford said...

you should have but "tepid beers" at the top of the post...would have saved me some time

reverend dick said...

No one puts tepid beers at the top of posts, people will take them.

Though, I'm sorry to make you wade thru my personal wrestling match with classism as represented by a 3rd rate reality show.