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17 April 2008

Just...sit right back, and you'll hear a tale

A tale of the Condor Lite miniTour from Arroyo Seco parking lot to some point about 12 miles out on the Indians Road.This being the 2nd installment in the saga that was Spring Break 2008, in which our merry band gets a hot and sweaty Good Time.

We left Arroyo Seco at the crack of 1pm, having cleverly waited until the heat index was highest. My only regret? No ant covered vegan jerky to eat. N and D rode their mtb's with no load, and it was hard enough to get N to agree to that. L rode her spanking red mixte with the clothes in panniers, and the cookware in her rack bag. J and I rallied the Xtracycle (since the Big Dummy seems to be a pipe dream for me...) with 5 sleeping bags and pads in one bag on a side with the (guesstimated) 9 lb cast iron griddle, and I don't even regret it one bit. On the other side we carried the stove, and 2 7lb paco pads. On top, behind J's new stoker position (he's a big boy now) was the food bag also containing propane and extra water, TP, 1st aid, etc. Cold food in the front cooler.I'm guessing 120lbs easy.I'm tired today, and you're tired of hearing me, so here's some pictures...
You know it's good when you're sucking dripping water from a slime covered wall. N actually said out loud that evening that the trip was fun.
It was too hot (and heavy, heheh) for a tent. Last time we were here we saw bloody evidence of a mountain lion the Bike Fort. You do what you can?

This really should have been a 4 day trip. The kids were strong, Strong, STRONG. Mostly because they don't know any better/worse, but they rallied like campionissimos.

Ideally, what you'll take from this is the notion that bike adventures are within reach for your family.

I mean, your kids don't know any better either. And if they do, you can always trick them.


the mostly reverend said...

greetings from the mostly reverend grandpa kim, from my office at the orphanage, at the church of the two-wheeled scam.

i have google send me posts containing "mostly" and "reverend" and i get yours from time to time.

nice to finally visit your place.

shameless plug here: beginning sunday, the 20th, i have a weekly radio cycling show on a local sports channel, which streams live and via podcast at it begins 600 pm central daylight time. we'll have all sorts of guests of local and national motoriety and repute, and as it's a call-in show, we'll have folks from all over.

i would be THRILLED to get a call from you.

and enjoy the rides!!

reverend dick said...

Well, sir. Hats off to you on your scam...are the orphans good moneymakers? I bet if you just motivate them correctly, they could produce a lot of electricity...

I am still trying to find the right way to fleece these rubes, but I feel I'm on the wrong track, on account of no one's sent me any cash yet.I need to work a more aggressive marketing campaign- I mean outreach mission.

That's what I'd say on your show. And some mumbled curse words. And you can quote me on that.

Butchie said...

I have a couple questions about the cooking picture.
a. What is being fried on that griddle?
b. What is protruding from between the butt and rock?

reverend dick said...

Ah. That would be some strips of Smart Bacon (a soy product), and a pancake. Good stuff.

As for the "item" protruding from beneath my wife...well, that is a rubber chicken. To answer your next question: because you never know when it's going to come in handy, like as a cushion for your rock seat. That's what I'm telling you, anyway.