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01 May 2008

This is a notice to all y'all intruzers...

Beware of the rider, cuz the rider is a boozer.

Something like that. Just a little something to remind y'all that this Friday night is a booze'n'cruise friday night. Get on yer bike and fill yer bag with easter eggs. Bring a light(s) as you will need it(s). Wear a damn helmet. Meet at the bocce courts near the wharves. 9:00pm start.

Pull my finger.


Anonymous said...

ooooo....what will I wear? What's in for Wino fashion in 08?

reverend dick said...

It says right there in the copy, sweetlips. Wear a damn helmet. As for what's in? I find shiny seated pants to be de rigeur, this season, for the discerning barfly.