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06 May 2008

Careless Robots the heart and mind, Ignorance is kind.There's no comfort in the Truth- pain is all you find. Sorry, had to be done.

And, I gotta mention: J is rockin the Batman kneepads now on trailerbike rides.

Different J altogether,here is the link to the kickass cartoon about bikes and rain capes. It's called Yehuda Moon and the Kickstand Cyclery. True and wonderful.

Special for Mysterious B____ S_____...remember that shi_ Avid pulled at Interbike? Let's get them this year. Really raise a, uh, stink. If you will. And I know you will. Show up each morning to plan the assaults and receive our missions, skip the middle of the show each day and meet for drinks and strategizing at the Double Down, and then implement our plans in the afternoon...and on. Maybe even spend whole days in the hotel bathroom...strategizing.

Speaking of's his birfday on June 6, and the trip to Mineral King is in a strategizing phase of it's own. All y'all California uberalles see me after class. A shuttle from the central coast is being arranged. Those Western Slopers and Moabites innerested should contact B____ with their questions. A shuttle from Moab is being arranged. Get on it! June 5,6,7,8... 4 day weekend and guaranteed Good Time. This 50 miler out&back is A-mazing in it's pitch, surface, and lack of traffic. Camping optional, and it'll be a cheap thrill regardless. Last year a bear snuck up on us as we were laying there gasping- uh, resting- on the road.Don't be caught left holding your bag with your pants down. How's this look?
That's right, it does. And, plus there is a potential for offroad bike action as well, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Notice to all them that haul ass: Acorn Bags has a website and some pretty, pretty luggage to hold all that ass. Handmade by/for cyclists in the US? Yep. Check out the roll up bag. Those of you who are slow, you will see one below the finer part of me soon...


Little_Jewford said...

Did Avid have trained evil crows at I.B. last year?

Anonymous said...

Kneepads? Wonder where he got that idea? The refrain "Daddy he likes to jump" rings sweetly in my ears whenever I lack the courage, momentarily, to soldier on. Thanks for the inspiration J.

The Avid IB plan is long overdue, about a decade. But let's be honest, without a full 4 day plan in place (yes, getting into the convention center the night before is a must) the local planning sessions will devolve, as they have before, resulting in subsequent non-attendance. Plans are good. Flexibility/contingency is good. The combination is unbeatable. It's B___S_____'s grudge and your axe to grind, but there's a whole army of People Who Actually Use and Fix and Shit that got your backs. Let me know if you all need cover.

reverend dick said...

LJ- No. But they did Mysterious BS a huge disservice involving crows, and it must be redressed. BASTARDS!

Anonymous- Yessssss. (nodding) I may need to consult with my lawyer beforehand.

Little_Jewford said...

hmmmm....if the proper forces come together I'll be a minimum I can provide cover using AST (annoying shop talk) or even blabber on TSC's (tenuous social connections)

uhhh, if I'm going to participate in taking avid down I guess I'll have to ritualistically burn all the avid stuff I own...which is a set of shorty 6's...I think