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14 May 2008

meet the old boss

Affect the tone of the day...go ride your bike of choice and, while you're at it, hide some easter eggs for yourself. You know you'll be happy they are there later, when you come sweeping through on your long, hot ride. Them eggs stay plenty cool when you stuff em up under some stairs.Why, I've known eggs to last for upwards of 5 months, good as ever- No Lie.

And on that note, stack something warm in there, too. You know, you might want that at some point, too. Me? When I'm stocking the creek, I like to keep the price down because poachers will poach. But that doesn't mean suffering through something bad. There are plenty of serviceable, even enjoyable, cheap whiskies. And when your friends are apt to ride up and try some "just to see what it tastes like", but less apt to ride out and stow some of their own away,there's no sense in throwing good bourbon at them indiscriminately. Old Grandad is your friend here. He's the Head of the Bourbon Family!

Bikes are real similar to whiskeys this way: a reasonably inexpensive one will do the same job that a high end one will. Either will take you to the same place and be fun to ride. Some have fancier parts or a nicer finish, but what's your real aim? I like both (at the same time) for different reasons. There's a wealth of silliness about what's important (especially on the silly bike sites I look at), and maybe a lack of actual use.

Today, I wrapped my mitts around a cheap whiskey and a cheap bike, and it was a real Good Time. And, plus there's colorful eggs waiting for my next dirt ride...

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