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04 May 2008

History repeats the old conceits...

the glib replies the same defeats. A reputable parent and child ride combo

J and I went riding last Thursday, him on his trailerbike, me on the Long Haul Trucker. I didn't let him pick the route that time, because I wanted to get out and ride South Boundary over to Laguna Seca so we could get some more distance on trails in by dropping 50. Oops. I forgot Sea Otter had already taken place. 50 is well and truly _ucked for the summer now. Brake bumped all to hell, and sandy sand.
So we had Brown Lunch in a glade instead of the stairs, because since he had nearly fallen asleep on the Xtracycle the week before (did I mention that? Maybe not- he started swaying and nodding off. I had to hold him on with one hand and call L to pick us up. I had gotten used to the distance we could go when he was sleeping for an hour and a half in the trailer...), I wanted to have him nap out there. It worked great one day last week. We just brought a blanket for him, and a book for me.
But this time he seemed so perky I made the mistake of asking him whether he wanted to nap or push on. Duh. What's any kid worth his salt going to say? So we kept riding, and the trails were great. Rallied up 50 and did Mud Hen Express (C'mon people-NOT Shi_coaster! What a lousy and incorrect name) over towards the Stairs and back through SeaSIDE!
And a block from Acme, on a sidestreet (Give Thanks!) he fell off and skinned his knees. Just all of a sudden doowwwwwn. I couldn't figure out what happened. I swear he was talking to me not 2 minutes prior. So we went over to Acme to get some Oreo medicine, and again called L to pick us up. Lucky she was off early! She informed me that he had fallen asleep, and I am a jackass.
She is correct. Lesson well learned.

Cuz we're back at it this week!

Also, check this out: Parkour. I am just blown away. That looks so fun, I've got to find a way to train to run and jump off stuff. Without I wriggity wreck myself...


Unknown said...

They teach Parkour classes in NYC -- another reason to come east, young man. Max, from Max's Amazing Animals, is concerned that your user name is a bit porno. He loves your comments though, and your blog is hilarious.

fxdwhl said...

bungee cords, duct tape, or zip ties? or bolt the burly onto the tralerbike hub. or xtracycle with him in the side pannier when sleepy time calls.

i'm a new father in training with tons of good ideas.

reverend dick said...

J- Awww, you know I like folks from NYC, I just don't dig their surroundings. Nice to visit.

Fixed- Wow. Does your sweetie know the lines your thoughts take? You know how I roll: maybe tie his ass to the deck with an old leather strap. I laughed at the thought of him all snugged up in the xtracycle burrito.

Anonymous said...

I am up for any suggestions as far as names for the trails we love. "Poop shoot" came first, it is at the end of "Mud Hen" or "Shit Coaster". Based on that we would have to say the "Shit Coaster" (the intestines) would lead to "Poop Shoot" (the anus). Anyway one of my faves is "Mountain Lions Revenge", named so because of my mountain lion encounter.