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10 January 2011

where the only Law is Right

The old lady and meself watched the Coens' remake of "True Grit".

This is a movie I had to love. Being a Texas Brushpopper, I have loved The Duke as you might expect, and it pleases me to say my own sons follow in this. And plus, the original was filmed in part in our old stompin ground- near Telluride. The True Grit Cafe is still a spot to eat bad/overpriced food in Ridgeway, and it looks like the above scene shows Lizard Head in a couple shots.

Bridges did not disappoint. Damon did a fine job of making Campbell's LaBeef both more real and more (rodeo) clownish. The dialog was well paced, very well timed; to my ear it was authentic (but then, I have never actually heard anyone from the 1870s speak). It smacked of Cormac McCarthy before he wrote the terribly, darkly hopeless "The Road" when he was writing the terribly, brightly hopeless Border Trilogy or, more so, "Blood Meridian".

My mind kept focusing on the clothes and gear. It was all so useable...from the wool everything to the leather saddle strings for to tie on waxed-cotton bedrolls. They had what they had and used it up. That appeals to me.

It's a seesaw, balancing weight and use in bicycle touring. Remember the cowboys vs. the Big Dummy? I'm still thinking about that. In the end I am the horse, so it matters more to me than it might to Rooster Cogburn, but we both want the same thing...a big ride and a little whiskey in some far back spot.

Fill your hands, you sons of bitches.


Gunnar Berg said...

The Coens do not consider this a remake. It is as true to the book as they could make it, which the first one was not.

reverend dick said...

_uck those art school bastiges. A rose is a rose is a rose.

Gunnar Berg said...

Yeah. I shouldn't even have posted that comment.

Anonymous said...

Check out "The Proposition", screenplay by Nick Cave. A true Australian outback western.