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11 January 2011

bold talk for a one eyed fat man

What I was getting at with the clothes and gear in True Grit was the practicality of it. See, I see some folks who won't commute without their neon yellow jacket (and truly, who doesn't look well in that?) and I see some folks who won't ride trails without their bibshorts. To say nothing of HRMs, power meters, and GPS synched ride profiles.

The only thing I won't ride without, is a bike- though I do have some reservations about heading off with no pump/patchkit. Also, I like a multi-tool. With a chaintool. And maybe some snacks. But I (digress) understand the "need" for specialized clothing/gear. One could flip that however, and consider how clothing/gear that works very well to ease the journey (thermoregulate, etc. however you like to think about such) can be your daily driver as it were.

If your ish is wool (at this time), you are good to go whenever. And plus, you will smell as fresh as is possible given, well you know. No need for anything more than getting in that saddle and riding the range. The only thing you need is to ride.

Folks want to need stuff. That's cool. Want to need an $11 case of canned beer and stuff it someplace in the woods I can find it.


msantos said...

i'm into reflective stuff for the commute, i've been starting in the dark lately and have to roll through some country roads here in watsonville, fast cars....fat people....just wanna be safe. just updated my wool kit w/some ibex stuff....very expensive but made in the us for what it's worth. some folks got the bodies to rock the race kit.......some folks no....cycling for some is like a country club. yo rev i got your phone # from kb, was just trying to give you a heads up on the new bike shop down in carmel valley, did ya get it?

reverend dick said...

I got it.

Thanks, brother. (I said that to this one guy, and he told me I sound like Hulk Hogan...)

Anonymous said...

billy pilgrim said...

I can't hit the road without a few plastic shopping bags to hold all the empty beer cans i find whilst riding. They're worth 10 cents each in my neck of the woods.

wirehairedrunner said...

Neon yellow-don't leave home without it, for both cycling and running. I'm all about making myself visible!