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04 January 2011

prepare for every possibility

Pilderwasser reminded me of Jane's Addiction. I haven't listened to them in years and years.


So today. Select bike. Bounce bike. Hear rattle. Tighten rack. Tighten headset. Lube chain. Air tires.

Affix trailer. Spin wheel. Adjust cones (ignoring unfixable hop in wheel). Adjust cones. Adjust cones. Replace wheel. Tighten QR. Curse aloud. Adjust cones. Replace wheel. Tighten QR. Bounce trailer. Tighten pivot/cotter bolt. Bounce trailer. Load tools. Roll out.

Look at these oaks. This is still out there. There are these trails.

Surgical strike mission: repair Mudhen Express Overlook. Marginal success. I will say that the BOB trailer with a light load is a bouncing shit show. Some extra weight would have really helped to keep the trailer's hitch dropouts on the skewer. As it was they was a lot of rattling. A lot of rattling.

Is that Toro in the distance? Yes.


Gunnar Berg said...

Rattling - bad.

Oak trees - good.

Apis said...

Rattling on a bike or trailer makes me crazy like something rattling when lashed to a backpack.

reverend dick said...


Judi said...

i met janes addiction and drank beer with them! perry was like a fucking god.