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03 January 2011



...which I post because it is what it is, and even though Jerry Jeff does it better. Which, to my mind can be said of all Mr. Clark's tunes. (He sure can write em, but he oughtn't to be in the forefront. He seems very shifty. ) Anyhow, this has been with me this time of year since I was a boy and it's a stayer.

A mighty HELLO to you, my faithful companion.

We been gone, now we're back. It was fun seeing y'all. Sorry to the folks whose snowshoes and sled I broke. Sorry to the yabo who broke your own rear derailer off, because I could tell you blamed me. It was your idea to take the "shortcut".

In 2011, in light of day, the tail end of Mudhen Express is only semi-ruined. What I could not see last time was that the trail has been rerouted; away from what used to be the steep slope at the overlook but is now a bulldozed swath of hay covered ruts. The used-to-be-road-bed is plowed up a ways in, but the trail is fine until the overlook itself-which is ruined but repairable. Now I have a mission: break out the shovel and rake. It's much better a situation than I thought. The reroute was done with the best of intentions (avoiding the fall line/erosion) but I think the stand-alone-in-the-middle-of-the-wash berm formed of sand will fail with the poofiest of failures come summer.

The caprock bar remains open, though, and there are 4 new tallboys in there as of today.

The Ord is changing. Today was lots of bushwacking and sand, looking for alternate routes. It was best done alone- you would have hated it. It is time to ride the ridges. The wetlands are filling up.

If I have a resolution it shall be to stop threatening and start doing, and it shall have specific reference to breaking out of the riding ruts I have pedalled so deeply, and it shall both further narrow it's focus to the exploration/establishment of kickass trails in Toro Park and expand it's scope to include more distance. And it shall be Good.

Here's hoping you have a fine figure of a 2011, and that your totem shall not be the dead skunk on the sidewalk next to the Adult Learning Center on Playa Avenue.

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Gunnar Berg said...

The A side of Old No.1 is as fine a side of songwriting that has ever been released.