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05 January 2011

sometimes your words just hypnotize me

It keeps getting better:

"It seemed like a Good Idea at the time" is words to live by, friends.

Big Sur this day. I forgot the camera, so take my word it looked like it did then, only cold.

Singlespeeds. I love to hate that ride. The climb is relentless; it starts out steep pavement and delivers several kicks then falls back to solid tempo riding with occasional short steeps to keep your hand in, as it were. Hurtful.

The albino redwood is thriving. We took that hike up the drainage to check on it. That region is such a fantastic place to be. It's a privilege riding through it.

"Let the mind beware, that though the flesh be bugged, the circumstances of existence are pretty glorious." - Jack Kerouac.

From the saddle, the route becomes dirt, and further punishes you via some sections necessitating BMX style stand and thrust, but with enough pitch and grit that the balance required to keep the rear wheel from letting go is no small feature. Good stuff. Just when you (I) feel as though you've worked enough to be at the top, the skibbly decayed asphalt drops appear. Then it's a matter of a few more juuuust doable (if you bury yourself on the attack) steeps to be got through before the summit, at which point you begin to wish you had a suspension fork and don't cease wishing this until you have ridden all the meandering and stuttering singletrack back down to the coast.

Bikes. And bike riding. Hurt so good.


Gunnar Berg said...

They weren't drunk, they were merely stumped.

reverend dick said...

They're committed. I think they'll make it.

Lord Hayden said...

That video is a message from the future regarding your plans to move the stairs or that one set of furniture

reverend dick said...

A) I have the proper equipment to compliment my drunkenly misguided determination.
B) I'll need a partner. You be the guy who falls down more.
3) You may be right.

Gunnar Berg said...

4)A camera man.