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12 January 2011

they're not ready to accept that dream situation yet

You lik bike rides?

Here's the current situation at the end of Mudhen Express. Folks are using the trail I laid in. It's going to be allright.

You lik spy novels? Alan Furst writes the best spy novels I've ever read. Set in various corners of the WWII European theatre, but nearly always including Paris, his books are hard-boiled and romantic and well researched and fundamentally (for me anways) speak to the importance of living. Characters who are alive, not asleep, even in the face of these overwhelming doom type situations. During the Cheney/Bush administration I felt a real craziness in this country, a feverish push towards fear. Here's hoping we're done, even and particularly in light of this tragic shooting in Tucson, but Furst's novels capture that sense of imminent danger very well.

Life encompasses...uh, everything. From dangerous battles between a wolverine and a couple hungry wolves to shootings on capitol steps. I'm trying to stuff mine with kickassness til the seams won't hold. They pack up pretty full, if you toss out the fear and the fever and the sleepwalking.

You could try shoving some velocache in your personal life sack. I bet it would fit.


Gunnar Berg said...

Wolves and Blackbird; you are full indeed.

Anonymous said...

Wolverines. The most tenaciousist animal in nature. Of course next to the badger it looks like a tamed pussy cat.