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09 January 2011

chaos, anarchy, and cannibalism

Some things should go without saying. That having been written, here is some:

Know that if you are my friend, well then we're friends. Whether it's convenient or not. Regardless of other relationships. Independent of time passing. When negotiating the world, if the situation involves you then I consider that, and will act accordingly. I will not speak ill of you. I will embarrass and infuriate you, but never with malice. You can always count on me.

That some people are so casual with their "friendship" as to strip it of meaning or value...saddens me. Step up and stand up or beat it, kook.


Ship of Fools said...

Amen brother.

grommet said...

Are you mad at me?

houvenagle said...

Great job.

rick said...

are you mad at me ?

Robert H said...

Dude, we just met on the internet for Christ's sake. Don't get all crazy on me.