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17 January 2011

taste the difference

Thinking about February Break. Yes. Yes, as opposed to Spring Break- which is a separate thing.

Considering rambling up and down the South Coast Ridge Road to see if it goes fun places. There's options and campsites. Figuring on leaving the truck at the Nacimiento Station and using it as a water/food/booze depot. No. It will not have anything valuable in it, so you can put that idea out of your head.

Tarp vs. tent...More and more I'm wanting less and less. I think I'll bring the tarp and play with some fancy "configurations" to get some super light shelter action.

Titanium woodburning stove?!! Well.

All this and more:

Training exercises.

Not to worry! Velocache #33 is still in situ, pussies. Though I had to hold these guys back. They wanted it, and felt it was theirs by right.

"Tips." Keep your chin chin and such. We roll straight outta Moab.

BAM! Esbit gets the job done.

The Caprock Bar is open. Serving whatever cheap canned beers happen to have been stashed there, plus byoHansen's Strawberry-Kiwi Soda for the under 21 crowd. OMG, those are deeeeelicious!

It gets chilly.

We forget spoons, but we don't forget our ingenuity.'s to you and hoping some rides are happening to you.


Judi said...

im coming to PHX on 1/30 at 8am. dirty is picking me up. get into town and lets ride mutha fucka!

reverend dick said...

Phoenix is far from Monterey.

badgerine said...

here are some ideas who would win.