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28 June 2010

yesterday's news

Take this post and wrap it around your fish.

The family went out to Horse Bridge Camp a couple weeks ago. N brought her friend, H______. It went a little something like this. Like to hear it? Hear it go:

Don't even kid yourselfs. There's a reason UB40 blew up.

Arrive at dusk (per usual) and start chatting up the's a pattern that will stand the test of time, my son.

Next morning? Set up the rope swang.

The start of the build-yer-own-boat Race...

That's my boat there, bringing up the rear. Beaten by a 12 year old girl. Handily. And that's after I stole her idea to use willow bark as twine.

You really don't know what you're made of until you endure the justified taunting of a child.

Some cowboys showed up.

I went over to see if they needed rousting ( don't want a bunch of horse shit attracting more ruthless biting flies), but they were only staying the day. They had a packhorse loaded with iced beer and rum and cokes. I liked these guys a lot.

So did the kids.

They were just such nice fellas. We talked about hauling stuff out there, and while I came away from this with some new ideas, I think they were just being polite when I showed them my rig.

People be getting tired from all that fun. And it should be noted that L did all this with her broken finger.

Overnight in the woods with someone else's kid? H______ was gripped by fear. L had to go sleep in the 2 man tent with 2 girls to allay concerns. Mountain lions, and foxes and snakes? Throw a ghost or 2 in there as well.

Morning does come though.

Folks rope swang a little more, though we had to reverse the rope due to some wear and busting of fibers...I got my pride back by learning from my mistakes of the day before and built a boat that really mooooved. Then it was time to break camp and head back in.

We stopped the parade at the regular swimming hole for some cliff jumping.

Look at SUCCESS. See it?


Freewheel said...

Another kickass adventure... Thanks for the reminder to carry a thick rope just in case there's a chance of finding a swimming hole.

Robert H said...