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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

28 June 2010

Goonies never say die!

Putting the 2.1 on in front for maximum radness. Those folks at Surly ain't kidding when they say Fatties Fit Fine.

In spite of all x,y, and z...the riding under the full moon. I headed out to watch the sunset from the overlook at the end of Mudhen Express. Cuz that's a good spot for hanging out and it's where the beers are aging in the cave under the caprock. If you peek under there on a moonlit night you will see them absorbing some magic.

In my mind, the moon would be up just prior to sunset. In actuality,well after an hour or so of increasing darkness, the moon crept up as if it were an angry orange cupcake distorted by haze and distance until it grew to be an oblong pumpkin headed skull face. I used the time productively. There were several beers to be gotten through.

Visited several (4) so called bike riders on the way out there and they all declined to party with me. Call it what you want, call it what you will, but at bottom it's doing yerself a terrible injustice to skip these opportunities for incredibilitude in the moonlit woods.

Next month, find somebody with whom you do want to party and gets some!


Little_Jewford said...

well ya, I missed another one .... on a side note in a very Monterey move the new "Brewery" on Cannery Row offers up a selection of backyard oldies but goodies ... including one of your favorites....can's o' Hamms .... for a "bargain" of $4

reverend dick said...

No stones being thrown from this glass house.

For what it's worth, the pub at the base of Nisene Marks (Brittania Arms?) has a can of Hamm's as an addendum to a shot of Wild Turkey for 10 cents. Yep.

Kurt said...

Curious, what for 2.1 tire happens to occupy that space. Doesn't look like much wiggle room for wheels slightly out of true.

reverend dick said...

I build my wheels, so I know they're true. If I hit a something, I can true it. I ride stuff on that bike that's rough and I like the cushy cushioning. I am just fooling around.