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21 September 2008

Shall we adjourn to the race corner?

We shall, bitches. Sho Nuff!!! The Shogun of Cyclocross is here!

I ____ing love cyclocross! It's such a good scene. Diverse crowd, friendly people, families. I worked the booth, and so did not race. But, if I had, I'm sure I would have won. D did race. His 1st race ever, of any sort. I ran the course with him on his preride (well, 1/5th of it- it was hard so I quit) and we worked on dismounts (he already had that down), and how to pick your bike up to clear the barriers. He wanted to pick up the frame with both hands and let the handlebars fend for themselves. We settled on a left handed down tube grab and right hand on the grip.

This is him ruling it, in 2nd place, over the final set of barriers. They were cleverly placed at the bottom of the sandy downhill. L was here with her cell phone to record the moment. Like the quality parents we are, we did not bring the camera to our son's 1st cyclocross race. From this point he really poured on the speed (just like we talked about) because it was the finish straight away.

Here's the podium. 10 and unders. Race Free. D took 2nd! It was super rad. He's stoked about the series and won't stop saying he's "probably going to win because it'll be no problem getting top 5". I think he heard the term "top 5" today and really liked it. Some kid passed him in front of folks who were cheering, and D repassed him, saying "Nobody keeps their lead forever."

The ladies are threatening to race next week. I am beside myself.

Way to suffer, D_____!


Little_Jewford said...

I'm there....I'll bring the super special HPCX cowbell!

Is the kiddie race before noon? If so I might have to bring bloody marys instead of beer...too bad they don't have a frites stand.

A23 said...

You guys are living the dream.

I hope you realize how lucky you are.


reverend dick said...

LJ- Bring it!

a23- Yes. It is good to be reminded though. It's easy to take things for granted, and that's a mistake.

Hunter Cycles said...

can't wait to cheer them on next week....
are you going to be there with your massage table again?

Little_Jewford said...

Is the under 10 race at 9am? Earlier?

Its not like I have a long commute (1.25 miles according to map my ride).

reverend dick said...

Junior women at 9am, Kids (10&under) 12 noon.

Yep, I'll be there with the mats for Thai Massage. It's better suited to the venue. Come "experience it"!

Apropos of nothing: "Would you enjoy some crushed pepper?"

Little_Jewford said...

Hey, if you remember, post if the Lady's are racing....I'll show early and cheer if they do, then ride, then cheer again. If not I'll ride then cheer at that?