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27 September 2008

The past is catching up to me and messin with my Good Life.


Passed some equestrians today on the paved road. I rolled toward them from behind and saw the rear most horse hear me and start to dance, so I called out to let it know I was a friendly human. Skittish horse, nervous rider. They were 2 biddies and 1 stable henchman to mind them. The rear lady had poor control. I clucked to the horses and rode on by. At the top, I stopped to stretch and wait for them. I wanted to get a feel for how the horses reacted to cars vs. bikes, and let the people catch the idea that cyclists are not a nuisance. Maybe plant some seeds of consideration that bear fruit in the long run.

There is so much animosity between horsey folks and bike folks. I personally do not care for anyone who rides trails in conditions that eff them up (i.e. soft, water-logged switchbacks)- whether it's horses, motos, or bikes. And horse people, in general, seem to see themselves as having a natural right to be on trail in whatever conditions. But, I've seen plenty of bike tracks through mud holes that were better left unridden, as well. Motos? They smell and are noisy polluters. You knew going in I lik bikes, so this ain't a surprise.

But- access is access, huh? We have to sit down without precondition or the talks will never happen. So I try and be respectful and polite first, and see where that gets me.

Then I waited for them to ride on. Wait. Wait for it. Don't rush in, Saturday morning is a bust for sure. Give it a little more time.

GO! Go quick and quiet when you do go, and don't hang around.

This reminds me of a time, when I was riding in this one place and I came upon the proprietor of said place. Officially, bikes were not welcomed there. The guy's truck was facing away from the direction from which I appeared, on a single lane access road. Upon seeing him, I turned right around and rode the other way. He saw me, too. I knew this because, as I was putting the corner between us, I heard the reverse alarm sound off. And keep sounding off, as he came after me at maybe 8-9 mph in reverse. There was another road taking off above the road he was reversing, and I took it. I passed above him (out of sight) and heard his beeping continue on in front of, then below, then behind me. I was riding pretty quickly.

At the time, I was wearing brightly patterned bibs, an orange undershirt, a green jersey, black arm warmers, and grey knickers.It was cold. In my pocket, I had, among other things, a musette. I later decided to ride up a different (and completely legitimate) road, to reenter that one place in a the guise of a regular citizen. I took off my outer layers, and stuffed them in the musette. This saw me climbing in a bright orange shirt, and brightly patterned bibs, with a bright orange bag. Like a totally different person! No one but you would notice the bike ( Believe me- it's true, you're obsessed. And frankly, it's not healthy). And sure as sh__ting, who should pass me?

You better believe it.

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andrew said...

don't wear orange in the woods, unless it was hunting season. i've known hair trigger hunters to mistake a human/bicycle centaur as a deer.