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23 September 2008

Here kitty kitty...

More sneaky linked routes on the SS29er lead to quick impressions regarding the Black Cat SS with the Hunter rigid fork:

Rails around corners real quick-like. I notice this so much right now, coming off the fixed crosscheck, since I have to weight it over the top and stay there pedaling. With the Black Cat, I lean off it and swing it around. Like waterskiing.I hate to do it, but: it pounces. I been jumpin stuff. Little stuff jumpin fnord. This bike feels like it lands on all 4 feet. Ssssolid. This cat moves foward without moving.

And also this:

I'm slowly turning the Karate Monkey (dependable and versatile and heavy as it is- it turns slowly) into a Camping Bike and thinking about the Big Dumb Condor Tour. That entails a bunch of parts swapping: drops (Nitto 177...48cm! wide), about 120mm worth of spacers to push those bars skyward (Hey, it's a working bike and it don't cost nothin. It'll be ugly, but it'll fit so pretty), back to rigid fork status, racks, barcon shifters using whatever guts I have in the drawer, and these SWEET XTR M900 cranks

and deraillers that I'm taking off the Xtracycle, as it morphs into ssshhhh- don't jinx it... It's also back to whatever linear pull brakes I pull out of the brake box, steel railed B17 Champion special in Honey, and Thomson 27.2 mm seatpost. And I can run whatever tires I feel like running.

You can't stop me, I'm a machine.

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