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31 March 2008

your long term curse hurts, but what's worse...

Here's a few of D_____ riding in the chilly wind at Fort Ord on Saturday. He's a fantastic bike handler, and he doesn't even know it.
I love the way he stands up and cranks it out. It's only recently that he's gotten comfortable doing this. Part of it is his growth- he's really gotten to the point of being on top of his bike. So much so, that he'll outgrow it soon enough. He hadn't ridden in several months, and we raised the seat 2".He specifically requested we ride Blair Witch Trail. I think he likes the spooky name...
but he's really capable in the twisty stuff.

Today was a good one for J and I. He's been sick...leaking from both ends. Since Wednesday night! And today he got breakfast down... I put some knobbies on the Long Haul Trucker (inspired by the major ass kicking I witnessed on the Condor Tour) while waiting to see how the belly felt. He was keeping it down, so out the door we went.
We hit the trails through Pebble today! I've been thinking about them every time we roll by, and this was the day. After the Condor Tour, in my thinking about local distances my focus has shifted. My legs feel solid and everything feels within reach. So we bypassed the Mystery Spot pave in favor of some pine duffed trail climbing. Goodness.

Took the trail off the side of the entrance to Veteran's Park, and discovered a whole different side of playground. J was stoked. He didn't want to take his helmet off.

Then we took trails down into town, instead of super twisty road descent. I think the road is funner, actually. J fussed at the bouncing. Through town, and up the supersecret back entrance. Hiking guaranteed...

J got out and walked ahead of me. The trailer hung up on all kinds of roots and bushes, so it was a bear getting up. Some more spots for trail maintenance. Quick zip on dirt to check things out, and then home to meet J and N after school. We all did homework.

I'm going to have a new stem made for the fixxed Xcheck, and I borrowed the Salsa Siz-O-Matic from Joselyn's Bikes to find the position I want. I wanted the bars quite a bit higher, but not quite seat level. Funnily, the TT lengths on the Xcheck and the Long Haul Trucker are the same. The HT on the Trucker is 2" higher, though. I'm gonna need the equivalent of a +15/115mm, with 20mm of height underneath.

Tomorrow more dirt more distance. Brown Lunch, since it can be kept down...

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