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19 March 2008

Very Personal Discomfort as a result of poor bike fit and maintenance?

Sounds like trouble to me.

So today was a Brown Lunch day like you've read about. Apparently so much so that E___, of poop emergency bailout fame, asked me in the middle of last Sunday's ramble if I had any lentils and a stove. I wished I had. But we had 'em today, and it was good. Added a little rice and some tempeh (+ Tabasco for me, which was spicy and reminded me of the poison oak cooking near-disaster) so it went down a treat.
It was Pebble thru the Monterey Mystery Spot, and then down the hill (swoopy twisty quickness) to the usual Frog Pond to Stairs. Overcast and cold in the wind, but with a humidity beneath it. Sun came out in the woods breifly, and it was SPRING! for maybe 20 minutes. L has the camera in the LBC for a conference, so no photos.
Keep wishing I'd changed the slicks for knobbies so we can climb some dirt through Pebble. Maybe tomorrow. Gotta bring some more variety to this whole "ride your bike" thing we've got going on here. It's time to beat the hell out of this trailer. Basically, all I'm sayin' is again with the rides down #50 in Ft. Ord, or whatever.

So. While there's all this riding going on, my brain is rattling around the physical issues I'm left with today, which are: a vague disjointed feeling in my left wrist,

a bigtime (Bigtime) pull in my left Psoas, and general dis-ease in the crotchal zone from lengthy saddle time on a -well, I'll say "Swole" crotch. "You like that? You like that?" (J says to me when he's parroting my parenting with the Golden Rule Style.) And it occurs to me that I'm compensating an awful lot for my played out pedal springs by holding my legs at the hip to reduce the slop. I had just dismissed it as play from the beatdown cleats and shims but I've replaced those and it's still sloppy. And, I'm using 2 pairs of (damn near the same)shoes, and 2 pairs of (the same model, different year)pedals so I just let it all be while I chased the variables down. I'm at pedals, now. Tomorrow I'll ride with flat pedals and check it out.

In part because I've got a recently acquired 3 Day Tour coming up on Monday and I'm thinking hard about gear choices...

At this stage in thinking about this relationship between my physical self and my bike(s) it seems that discomfort (of the very personal kind, but really, is there any other?) can result from A]Bike Fit, i.e. cleat placement or B] Mechanical Issues, i.e. a floaty pedal. And I/you have the following course of action: 1) Diagnosis (of the non-litigious non-medical common sense variety, I'm neither a doctor nor an actor), i.e. "my psoas seems effed up" 2)SelfCare, i.e. rolling on the tennis ball in the right spot, stretching, getting a massage, taking hardcore drugs 3)Maintenance/Fit Change as required. Hope that's remotely clear. It make sense to me and I'll splain it to you for $30. Where are all the damn donations anyway?!?! What a bogus congregation...

Finally. Do you think the Muslims have it all over us because they literally get off their ass 5 times a day and get down to pray? I mean, fundamentally that's got to be gooder for you in a strictly secular/physical sense than sitting on your self all day and then once a week hitting your knees. If that's how you roll...I know we all roll and roll on, and that's Church Service for us, but in general...


eric said...

You will never let me live down the poo emergencey.

reverend dick said...

Ah, 100 years, my son.

Anonymous said...

the poo-mergency that happened at a clean, usable, flushable(!) toilet. with running water, soap, and handy towely things.
i understand not wanting to end up like the port-a-potty on summit, but by god, are bibs that restrictive?
i've returned from a bibbed ride one sock lighter and felt great that i still had the other for the next time i was lucky enough to strip down to my sidi's in the woods.
i am, however, not known for my hygene.
have fun on your big dumb tour, rev.