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11 March 2008

You shouldn't let other people get your kicks for you

So the Countyline killed the Peugot fixie for me. The fit was never even remotely ok, and even though I've come to expect/accept that mixtes have not been designed with a 6'1" MAN in mind, it had the 7/8" seatpost of death by impalement. I mean, you saw how it bent even though I was so careful with it.
So today I disassembled it, and gave it to M____ to give to a ladyfriend of his. She's prolly short and light.

And left without a beater mixte fixie, I was bereft. So I reanimated Boba Fet's old Gitane, which is also short, but has a sturdy 26.2mm post, so I can rock it. I got inspired and broke out the drill..
That's all drilled, and insertion of the lower rivnut. Because I get thirsty when I ride. See it half done:
And all pretty with the swoopy stainless King cage. (I pulled the front derailleur hardware off after the picture)

Old School, fool...This is a cup and cone BB from a stash no one wanted anymore. Works for me.
Check the clearance! Room for knobbies or fenders. Or 37mm Panaracer Paselas...Skinwall, bitches.
And again. Tektro 556 brakes accommodate 700c in a frame designed for 27". This frame requires them in the rear due to the 40/14 wheel position. Flipped the wheel on this build, and even on the test ride the 14t feels better. We shall see what the hills and dirt have to say. Either way, there's room enough in them there slots to flip flop, and those brakes are my friend there too. Chainline came out pretty good, which is nice because there's no new parts going on this bike. Even the cables/housing were swapped over. I will probably swap over the basket and rack, too.
Took it out and rode it around the block. Feels great. Test ride manana...

Today was a bike maintenance day. Days are getting longer, and it feels good. Here's the Lemond Wedge set up discussed previously. I'm using 3 shims to get the right support for my foot angle. Nice shiny new Time cleats.
After installation. The shims got all smashed last time, you can see how they extend past the cleat.
Here's a good view of the angle the shims give, and witness the dremel clean up. No more smashy mess.
...Because it's funner if you do it yourself.

Last Friday I volunteered to chaperone the 5th grade classes' overnight trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Because there weren't enough volunteers and it was in danger of being cancelled, and my daughter really wanted it to happen that's why.
No. I was not the otter.

It went like you think it did.


Tim said...

yow. you are extremely brave.

reverend dick said...

Or stupid. After getting my group (coed?!?) of 6, we wandered frantically/disjointedly to and fro, while not really paying attention to anything but our friends and cliquemates in other groups as we passed. (to be fair, since these kids are growing up here, they've all been to this truly world class aquarium tens upon tens of times, so it's more or less old hat) But, I did notice the teachers grouped together and... kidless, talking and laughing as we breezed by the cafe.