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14 March 2008

one leg's both the same

Turned some circles sans trailer again today. It was N's 1st official term as Babysitter. Which meant J was napping, and she and D watched Edward Scissorhands on DVD. She's almost 11 and has been agitating for a while now, so it's time. She made J a quesadilla, and didn't set anything on fire (she used the microwave) or cut herself. Well handled babysitting season opener.

After yesterday's brief flirtation with a mixte fixed mix of road/dirt on the Gitane, I thought I'd try the Crosscheck today and see how they compare. Effing close fit is the overarching impression.

From these photos taken after riding, you can see how close they are...
The distance from the saddle nose to center of handlebar is 2cm shorter on the Gitane, but the bars are about an inch higher. Wheelbase eyeballs dang close, too. After this comparison, I rotated the bars on the Gitane up slightly for a world of difference in feel. It's so clear after riding the 2 back to back that this was required. Before the comparison I just felt vaguely that the bars were "off". This is a good illustration of the WTB DirtDrop vs. the On One Midge. I much prefer the width up top on the Midge, but the deeper drop of the DirtDrop is kinda nice, too. The Midge feels like the better bar if they're not level with the seat due to it's shallow drop.
The Crosscheck runs a 46/18 (69.0") to the 40/14 (78.1") of the Gitane. This was much more pushable on the steeps, and not an issue on the road downhills. Not as comfortable, but everything is a trade off. This is info I got here. Repect, Sheldon! I guess people who know more than I feel that 63" is the ideal offroad fix gear, but I'll chalk this up to variances in preference and local terrain. I feel a 63" would be undergeared like crazy. What are y'all running in your woods?
So a quick slip up the hill for some sneaky trails, a coolish Hamm's from under a log, and back again. Spring is sprong here, folks.

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.


Fxdwhl said...

That's a hell of a frame pump tie down there. Maybe a little duct tape or a shoelace could cut the rattle!

Gearing wise I'm pushing 42x16 (70.2) with a crosscheck on the road and 34x18 (50.5) with a karate monkey on the dirt. Big climbs around my parts are a couple of hundred feet at a shot but they tend to be fairly steep. Roots, rocks, and logs require the low dirt gear as momentum isn't easy to maintain and line choice regulates speed anyway.

63" would be more work then fun around here.

reverend dick said...

Ain't no rattle, that's solid. It's a leather binding retainer off some old French ski bindings that is too useful and storied for me to let die. And duct tape is only temporary unless it works...

Dang! 34/18. That really illustrates the regional differences. The trails here are swoopy and sandy for the most part. Just right to keep momentum and roll, roll, roll. Very few drops, and roots are confined to one area.
34/18 would leave me spun out and slow.
Sounds like 46/18 would be a whole lotta walking over there Eastside, though.

I love the subtle but bold differences.

Fxdwhl said...

Yeah and that's on the steep side; 20t graced that back when I was coasting and felt just right to keep from blowing up on the climbs. It's not all rough & tumble so spinning out occurs but generally there's more rocks then not around these parts. Tight and twisty is also more fun when motoring out of the turns doesn't take so much effort.

Different coast, different terrain for sure.

I tried in vain to link to some flickr photos so you'll need to check the blog for a link if you want to see our trails.

Anonymous said...

N is babysitting now??? Wow. Who'da thunk it...