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04 March 2008

quick and easy professional stunts

So While riding along Aguajito Rd. yesterday, J and I noticed a bag in the ditch. Thinking it might make a good bike bag, I stopped to check it out. It was a stolen purse. The only thing of value left inside was a checkbook. I stashed the purse among some Calla Lillies, and rode off with the checkbook.
Here are some townies, of which I liked the looks.

Today I found this cartoon

which, as you can see, particularly speaks to me.Today, J and I went to the house of the purse snatchee and placed the checkbook under the doormat as per the phone conversation I had with her father, who seemed confused by the leaving of the purse in the lillies.


Anonymous said...

How the hell does the rear end on that Miyata townie work? There seems to be a larger cog than the one with the chain on it, yet no derail or shifting mech. Have I over thunk it?

reverend dick said...

No, your eyes tell you true things. There is a cluster there. It's not my bike, and I can't remember from whence I stole the image, so here's my 2 cents: the owner found that sweet ass chainguard and got so excited that (s)he converted the bike to a single to accomodate it but was in too much of a rush to post it and/or didn't want to spend $ on a "proper" single wheel so this person run what they brung. Which, on a certain level, I respect. But in this case, I'd nitpick the stupid looking (to me)reverse levers, and the terrible gap in the fender line, too.
It's really all about the chainguard. If any of y'all have one just laying around...