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12 March 2008

Touch me baby...

Tainted Meat. Oh, tainted meat. As if we needed another reason:

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture did not provide adequate support to help school districts track, handle, and dispose of tainted beef in the wake of the largest meat recall in U.S. history, witnesses told the House Education and Labor Committee today. The USDA issued the recall last month after a U.S. Humane Society investigation revealed that meat from non-ambulatory (or “downer”) cows at a California meatpacking company had been allowed to enter the food supply. Federal law prohibits meat from downer cows from entering the food supply because it poses a greater risk of salmonella and e.coli contamination and mad cow disease. More than a third of the tainted meat – more than 50 million pounds – had gone to federal nutrition programs, including to schools."

This may be old hat to many of y'all, but this is parent-teacher conference week here, so it's on my mind. My kids bring their lunches, because we're already avoiding the tainted meat as a matter of course. If yours do not, consider bagged lunches of whatever type of food you prefer- it's bound to be more carefully chosen on any number of levels.Grocery Guy has a timely post here. And there's this. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Upton Sinclair, anyone?

The largest beef recall in US history. Ever.

Meanwhile, these people are insanely over the top, and I heart the whole thing...
By day...

By night...

But then, I would wear this
if I could only find one, so take it as you will.


Fxdwhl said...

My wifes a Headstart teacher and has cringed for years as she feeds her kids lunch. Vegan or not its still pretty nasty stuff. She resorted to packing her own lunch and eating in "secret" in her office. She's happy to be retiring soon.

andrew said...

meat schmeat, people should think about the philosophicl disconnect in this meat issue...the workers weren't unaware of the law or the conditions at the plant... well the guards didn't say shit at aushwitz/bergin-belson/or any other concentration camp either..... i'm a chef and i love meat and i also buy from a few of the local suppliers who try to state that our cows are live really happy lives b4 you kill and eat them.... just kill and eat with honor and realize what your food has gone thru to get to your mouth and be grateful for it's sacrifice... a little long but i gots issues that need to be addressed

reverend dick said...


I don't eat the meat, myself, but I am of the opinion that what other folks eat is their bidness not mine. I got no footing nor desire to condemn anyone for their dietary choices. As Kermit thee Frog says: "A frog's gotta eat." Ain't we riding down the same street together on the very same day?

The point about the meat workers and concentration camp workers is astute. Why don't we get together and call ourselves an institute?

The Grocery Guy post is very well written/thought out regarding the treatment of animals destined for slaughter, in this time of LARGE scale agrObusiness.Worth a look. Really.

Bottom line? Are any of us surprised at this? Horrified, sure. But not surprised. Take care of your babies, cuz no one else will.