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07 March 2008

self replicating B17s will cradle your taint

And again. Climbing up the hill, when J is leaning too much on the trailer wall, and I can hear it rubbing. Stop to readjust him, kickstand the bike. Bike falls, lands on light:

Taking the light apart is a huge pain in the ass with a multitool, I'm gonna go back to carrying loose allens, etc. Eff the weight.

Turns out the main bulb is broken. No problem with LED strobe, so I know the circuit is good. Shitty place to mount the light caused it, now I'm looking at rigging a mount so the light sits inside the rack frame so this doesn't happen again.

Crashed the trailer dropping the Carmel side of Pescadero Canyon. Tipped it up on one wheel going around the road closure chain, and felt it waiver...waiver...CRASH. Freaked J right out, but slow speed+helmet+tough kid=ok. Grab the trailer and right it, no immediately visible damage, attempt to wiggle the wheel, feels ok, resume downhill. This was not the proper procedure...
Then it's keep on through Pebble again. It's funny how my routines change. I stop thinking about where we're going next and next thing I know there we are- in the middle of the Pebble route. Here's the Monterey Mystery Spot I've mentioned before. The grade% does not correlate to the effort spent, ever.

Twist around the ridge to head back up A_______...and today instead of parking the bike, we lift trailer, then bike over the West gate and hike-a-bike up to the campground. You cannot ride in the park, but a bike being pushed is no different than a stroller...

Lunch in the meadow.

After lunch, J gets a lemon candy the size of a quarter,which he promptly bites and starts choking on. Literally choking- I snatch him up and start Heimliching him. He's crying, so I know he's getting air, but he's also retching and seizing up. My CPR training is out the window, I completely forget to sweep his mouth, just keep trying to angle him face down and alternately Heimlich and pound his back. I'm concerned that I'll break his Xyphoid process, or hurt him some other internal way, so I'm trying to be careful but starting to panic at the edges when he begins to vomit and out comes the lemon drop.
No more candy like that for him for a couple years. No wonder lollipops have handles.

While loading J, with this all fresh in my mind,I took a closer look at the trailer...

This was troubling:
See how ground down that QR is? Scary.

But at that point, what are you gonna do? I rode home mindfully, and wore gloves.

And the trailer is retired until I get this sorted out. More motivation to contact Burley...

Took this photo to spotlight the Airstream. What a set up. They'd built a nice wood deck on the other side to enjoy the view. This one's for you, B___.

Be safe, y'all.


Tim said...

that looks fun as hell. scary about the trailer crash. I've had wheels fall off my old trailer after I've ridden with it for miles at high speed and on busy streets. I've learned not to trust the bolts to stay tight.

reverend dick said...

You said it. I knew it then, I really know it now: when you crash, check your equipment closely before blithely heading down the road.

I was able to replace the skewer when we got home. Burley used regular front skewers, so I just swapped in an old/servicable skewer from the parts bin. Nice.