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03 February 2012

give a whoot whoot

We are blessed in this region with an abundance of sweet trails. Many of them are under the redwoods. Those are really big trees, and when they fall it makes a hell of a...mess on those trails.

I went on a recent Trail Crew overnight whose specific purpose was the removal of that log above.

Things you never think about: 1)when a tree like that hits the ground from such a height, it shatters. 2)all those lumber sized fragments have their own twists and pressures in relation to the whole, so a saw can get pinched as the pieces shift due to cutting alone (much less the odd push from the rest of the tree) 3)6' of saw is a BIG saw and it cuts almost effortlessly from it's own weight as you rock it back and forth and 4)big lumber has a scary amount of Force.


It was a fine camp out...sleeping under the stars. Lucky for me, too, cuz the forecast had said 0% rain all week so there I was with no rain gear, no tent, and a down bag when it started drizzling in the afternoon. I was looking at spending the night with my upper body covered by a 4x4 tarp and my lower 1/2 stuffed in my pack, and that's not a good look. As luck had it, the skies cleared, the stars came out and the owls were having a old time hootenanny.

My legs are tender. Backpacking is hard.


Gunnar Berg said...

Veni, vidi, vici.

Gunnar Berg said...

And that is FINE music, vidi or not.

reverend dick said...

Vidi. It took me a minute.

Guy Forsythe is phenomenal. If you're not already aware, he's worth listening to. He does some nice stuff with the Asylum Street Spankers.