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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

27 February 2012

never poke a sleeping clown

Let's get together and move Heaven and Earth to our own ends week after next. The Full Worm Moon is nearly upon us; 29% and rising. March 8th is a Thursday, so I'm thinking Friday the 9th is a fine time for a moonlit jaunt down 1 to soak up the good, good vibrations at Esalen. Check the link. The public access is 1am-3am, and reservations are required. The group limit is 4 per, so if more are coming we need to split it up. $20 a person, nonrefundable/nontransferable. They are hippied out and all, but dang! are they militant about gatekeeping. Keeping all that in mind, I feel confident that this crack team has the skills to pull off whatever we want. Unless I just blew it big time posting this on the world wide web.

Get at me however you do, if you're innerested, so's I can plan the SAG.


Apis said...

I clicked

I liked

I'm in

Well not really. It's on the left side of the continent and I live more toward the eastern middle. And I work the next day.

Otherwise I'd be all in that water.

reverend dick said...

It is the finest hot spring for which you could hope. Peek over the rim and you're looking ~50' down into the surf.