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Sunday, May 3rd Full Flower Moon

09 February 2012

proceeding apace

Things are tough all over. Blown out G springs, aluminum ferrules oxidized to barrel adjusters, unobtainable Sturmey Archer cable ends, missed deadlines. Traffic is insane down here cuz of the big golf show. Sitting in an idling car surrounded by other folks in idling cars makes me crazy. Part of it is the lack of consideration or attention shown by other drivers- for instance, if the "lady" in front of me at that one intersection would just pull up the car length she left in front of her, another car (at least) could get through the light. Funny how none of that stuff affects me when I'm gadding about on a bike.

Relatedly, we rode those commuter trails under the real night after the full moon moonlight and it was dappled perfection. The NeckRomancer excels at rolling around half in the bag on barely visible singletrack. Suits me.

A straight line exists between me and the good thing. I have seen that line and it's direction is known to me.


macmorg said...

Hey Rev, I like reading, however I don't agree with the decision to not have a picture in the header of your golb. This is a visual medium afterall...

reverend dick said...

Cor, when you're right you're right.

All better.