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06 February 2012

shocking revelations!

Are you picking up now?

The fatty fatty boom boom continues with a warp and a gangsta lean. I still got to get a handle on the tire pressure. There is some bucking going on. Apparently my Traction is louder than a bomb. Details are for closers, but I will reveal that 'neath Saturday's moon I pulled the valve core out of the front tube when attempting, trail side, the complicated technical procedure known as "drinking beers and _ucking with your set-up." Whoa. I got to get (at least 1) a spare giganto-tube. I was thinking about that today on a long steep climb to nowhere- what would I do if I couldn't patch? Or, if you want purely hypothetical, booze caused me to not only pull the valve core out (well, it was firmly threaded into the cap...) and then lose it? I figured I'd stuff whatever tube I have in my repair sack in there along with a whole lot of matter. I thought it would prolly be like 2 random tubes, and ever decreasing diameters of brush/grass. It would have been fine...

And, plus it occurs to me that one of these Full Moon's when it's a wee bit balmier, we are riding ~40miles South on HWY1 to Esalen and hitting the ludicrously timed Public Soak hours of 1am-3am. Then we can crash nearby and take our well placed vehicle back in the daylight.

Who wants to drive SAG?

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Little_Jewford said...

I hope the "spare giganto-tubes" are labeled "Magnums"

that is all..