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03 February 2012

a bird in the hand

came in the mail.

I sent you a picture.

I was counting on this for Saturday Night's Bike Fever Bike Feverr. Test rode it today on the short dirt route to work.
I gotta get this tyre pressure figured out. The road sections were compromised like you'd expect (slow, boundy), but it's not a bummer. I suspect that road sections of much more length would shift the balance into notsoworthitivity. I will, of course, put this to the test. The dirt sections were fun. I have no idea how to tune the psi yet, and that must be the key. That much was apparent on the short dirt demo rides. As it stood, there is a lot of...deviation to the ride. Off camber of any significance was very strange. I dropped the pressure from what I assumed was proper for road to what I assumed would be proper for dirt descending (and those are actual measurements) and the wind up was so pronounced I began to just push the end of the bar down until I felt the tyre warp finish and then I leaned into the carve. It was very inexact. I'd hoped for a more straight across swap for full squish. Maybe not so much. We'll see. It's only clown fun, after all. Tuba music for all my friends!

Singletrack commute. Morning and night.

I had a fine time up in the moonlight all by me onesie, climbing that singletrack. Lots of times when in the woods with other folks I wish more of them would be quiet more often and let the sounds of the woods at night be the soundtrack. On the other hand, tucked in alone under the canopy with trees everywhere it gets spooky. I took the shortest long way home, trying the planned route for tomorrow. Conditions are perfect.

Be thankful you're living. Drink up and go home.

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Fahzure said...

What kind of clown are you? Oh yeah, a bike clown:

Our lives are so alike, so different, I got a clown bike on the very same day, also:

Here's the deal with that fat bike: it is a "special" purpose bike. You remember "special" from your 3rd grade teacher, right?
So when you run out of "special" moments, you take that bike down to the beach and make some friends. That's the "general" purpose of such bikes.

Oh boy, Mrs. Revy is gonna love that, no more Joselyns, and new "special" bike friends.