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14 February 2012

knowledge of self

The whole internets is full of bickerings. Rumorings, regurgitatings, petty battlings, humorless commentatings, and me tooings?

No thanks.

Recent discussions various places regarding brakes...make me say that to say this: Your results may vary. People say cantilevers "don't work". I say, " Wha?!?" A cross bike is not a downhill bike/loaded tourretser/etc. Cantis work great to scrub speed. I scrubbed some today on my very own sweet riding cross bike, AND on trails I'd been riding on different but equal bikes with disc brakes and/or varying degrees of suspension.

You ride what you ride, and I'll ride what I ride...and parts is parts. To say some shit like "cantis don't work" is running your mouth to spend your credibility, when you should try paying attention. Same old same old. My tyre is better than your tyre. My dad can beat up your dad.

For what?

Road bikes are fucking awesome. Light and zippy. Disc brakes may work, but...why? Why not keep it light and zippy? Caliper brakes work great for that application. No problems, yes fun.

When I'm riding quickly, I want the lightweight quickness suited to my rider weight. When I'm riding loaded (touring/barhopping) I want the heavy, heavy monster stuff.

Other places, folks are squawking about too many lumens? WTF? If you wanna ride your skinny tired loaded bike (but do it sober?) slow as hell along a gentle 2 track with nothing but a 3LED headlamp, then have at it. Do your thang. I know I've done that many times- always in the name of running what (when anything) I brung, but. Don't think for a minute that your experience defines the thing, cuz other folks aren't squawking- they are simply getting rad. I like to ride ripping singletrack with no damn lights at all when conditions are perfect. I like to ride ripping singletrack with lots of light when conditions are perfect.

Too much computer not enough bike makes for just the right amount of shut up and ride, armchair coaches. Dang.


Gunnar Berg said...

I love cantis and centerpulls. So much so that I put one of each on the same bike.

Almost all brakes are disc brakes, the really efficient ones just use the rim for the disc.

Johann Rissik said...

I couldn't agree more.There's more shit talked about bikes, brakes and lights than could ever be good for the roses.


Too Tall said...

Rev., contact me pls. at
Send a PM to: Too Tall

Fahzure said...

Uhhh ohhh, the salon recruiters/cops are after you. You must have something they if you could only find it...and not feel like they're taking something from you. I like it how it is and becomes, you.

On the other hand, if they're payin'...

houvenagle said...

Amen, sir Rev.

Freewheel said...

This disc brake business has gotten out of hand. If the good lord wanted us to stop on a dime, he wouldn't have invented fixies. Am I right, rev?

reverend dick said...

All right for some. I am not one who can stop with leg strength alone.

I love me some brakes.