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10 February 2012

worth all the pain, effort, and struggling

Mammals are weirdos.

People are mammals.

People might ask you things. To wit: when was the last time you laid down on your top tube and just hung on? Or: at what point did you decide to cuddle up with the stem and hold your face right next to it as the wind rushed up to blur your vision?

I hope your answer would be "Recently!"

Oh me? I'm the lollipop man, alias the long haired sucker, and I answer "Yesterday, Today, and hopefully Tomorrow."

This whole Talking Heads Rome 1980 series is too much for words. Word.

I'm homing in on the psi requirements for the fat bike. No pictures for you, but imagine a big, squitchy tire. I had to laugh rumbling over the roots and stones in the maritime chaparral. Rumor has it you all will need one of these next Winter in conjunction with a snow covered _____ ___ Overnight. That is all.


macmorg said...

Sweet, count me in homie, the legs are getting stronger all the time. On the psi thing, its a fine balance, snow will be different needs than dirt. Nates are crucial...

reverend dick said...

I do count you in. Not least as the ONLY person to go more than once on my watch.

But...I've rethunk the wisdom of putting that out there early and getting scooped- so mum's the word for now.

Fahzure said...

Scooped? Your secret is safe with me, but a certain S____ N_____ is already training on the G_____ Pass road. Which is okay, 'cause you won't see him except at the start, the bar (briefly) and the shop the next day. Yes, ____ needs a good strip club where we can retire after hard days (and a night). How do you know there will be snow? Have you done the research for the right timing, Goldilocks?

reverend dick said...

Nothings certain anymore, but I'm thinking November or March. I prefer a longer night for that ride, but too much cold=too little fun.

As to the rest- I don't recognize that code name, but any fool foolish enough to ride it knows the deal and is welcome*. I just wanna live my life and party.

*UNLESS they wanna reckless eyeball and make revving noises. That is uncalled for.