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06 October 2010

you are one of the select few

Crashes? We don't need no steeeeenking crashes!

Residual effects include: soreness, stiffness, reduced capacity for critical thinking, increased desire for riding the bike(s), and the ability to gut out all the short steeps on your local mixed bag loop?

Yes. All that and more.

I like to use the time at the stoplight on top of the incline to stretch. I always have that time there. And, plus it beats waiting in the street with all the impatient cars.

Black shorts. Fish net bandaging. So PRO, all the ladies will notice.

For the sake of argument, let's say (hypothetically) that you were denied access to this one trail on account of ____________. Now, usually, you'd just shine that on, but sometimes _________are present, and that's a bust. What to do?

Well, that's what for which kickass alternatives are. Sparsely traficked roads are acceptable substitutes.

Who's kidding who? You'll end up on some singletrack if it's important to you. It might be that you head over to that one get-in, only to find the gates open like an invitation. You'll know in your heart that it isn't, but it will feel that way, and you will climb that whole section with no foot down. Doesn't that feel right?

The twisty piny trails are perfect right now. Even with the slippy oak leaves everwhere.

Noncycling people around here assume that I know everthing about everthing involving bikes on account of I appear interested. I've been getting all kinds of questions about the newly constructed bike path at HWY1/Carmel Valley Rd, which I've answered authoritatively without having a clue.

I remedied that on this ride, and found the tunnel under the CV Rd goes a who-knows-how-expensive 1/8 mile up Hatton Canyon to abruptly terminate.

The signs already have their patina of graffiti, so the money was well spent?

The tunnel under the CV Rd, which leads from the dead end to the Barnyard shopping center. That's a lot of dough for not much practical use. I guess the county had $x0,000 they needed to burn through or lose. At minimum, middle school kids can cross under the road and weasel around on Rio to get in the back way with little car interface. That's a good thing. And I can only hope the trail will be continued up the canyon towards the high school; which would give another/better alternative to climbing HWY1 if that's your bag.

So there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Sorry, I couldn't not do it.


Little_Jewford said...

I would have gone with

Fxdwhl said...

we're more of the HOBO scene instead of the PRO scene.

reverend dick said...

Rats. That is the Truth. Just today (I was dressed as a racist again) I was reflecting on the different manner of interaction I get when looking like a "legitmate" cyclist vs. my usual lost-his-license cycle wear.

I like the Clash better.