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03 October 2010

dinosaurs on the farm


Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant railing.

KB is planning a tour for high schoolers (he heads up a bicycle maintenance class like a teacher in the summer) so we scurried roundy round the Ord, looking for the perfect blend of carless pave and firm(enough) sand/dirt. It was a new feeling- this looking around for a ride that a bunch of young clowns will both suffer through and enjoy. To think about what it takes to get from here to there and yon is to examine all the sequence of maneuvers and gear choice and chosen gear and maintenance and road judgments and ______ which you so wholeheartedly take for granted in this time (the time of your "expertise").

You do.You do. You take it for such grant that you cannot even begin to bring up all the bits without a single minded focus. Sharp edged rumination. Such furious concentration will surely take it's bite.

I got mine, today. Stuffed the front wheel into some loose deep sand behind a little bush as I was trying to swing around one of the series of quick back and forths before the whoop de doos on Mudhen Express. The bike slewed left, the front wheel bent right, and I went over the bars. Hard and fast. You say potato, I say potato, we both say: tacoed wheel, minor scrapes, gratuitous bleeding.

As I learned today, the Mystic Utterance with the surest effect in such straits is (and I quote) "Take it, Bitch." After a fruitless attempt at returning the True with a spoke wrench and flawless technique, I resorted to the last resort- the overhead wheel slam. At least I had clear marks from the brake pads blacking the tyre's sidewall. 3 "Take it, Bitch"es later, and with a little more spoke wrenching, I had some semblance of True. Enough to continue riding and fulminating, though I was ascared to let it out on the pave on account of it hurts so much to go down on it.

What time is it?

Time for a new hoop. Anyhow, a Good Time was had. Ride bikes, drink beers.

And, plus, what happened to Velocache #28?


Gunnar Berg said...

Very tasty music. Tasty.

Gunnar Berg said...

And taking a bunch of high schoolers out is great. High praise to you.

reverend dick said...

Oh. No praise to me, I was just along to help with the planning in my neck of the woods. And I will try to show up and squire them through the trafficky parts of town after work, but it's KB and his fellow teachers (what's up MS?!?) who are gonna be padding their palmares in that way.

msantos said...

when are we going to work on an art project together? the bike ride w/the kids will be fun...can you come over and take turns sneaking/sharing beers w/me & kb to mellow out the time? me 'n my buddy did one of those arroyo seco condor tours over the summer, nuthin hunteresque but definitely high on the good life meter...ridin north up river & old stage rds is something to experience though.

reverend dick said...

Mmmmmmmmmlet's us discuss it over shots of bottom shelf corn liquor.

I hear there's a Full Moon coming up. You might breeze down here to ride by it's light, and we can work it out then.

msantos said...

i'd be in to the full moon ride, it's just getting home's the problem...