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15 October 2010

wonder file organ

October Break being what it is, we decided to attempt a last run at Summer.

October on the Central Coast of California being what it is (Indian Summer, bicthes!), we succeeded- in a limited kind of a way for an off night. "What could possibly go wrong?" you ask. That's my favorite question to answer, so I'll take a crack...

#1 (with a bullet) BUGS. Smallish flies of the incessant buzzing and landing all over you variety. They apparently operate within a very sharply defined temperature range, between ~1 hour after sun up and sundown. Wow, there were a lot of bugs. No biting (except for the usual pesty mosquitos after dark, but them I can tolerate), but exorbitant amounts of landing and crawling. Craaaaaaaawling. We had to take breaks in the tent.

Things were OK on the water, providing you moved around a bunch. Incentive to use the rope swang over and over and over. And over. The crawdads were out in force. The fish were swimming around. The kids caught a turtle; skipped rocks; were away from electronic entertainment (like weblogs and such). Things were more than OK, things were good.

#2-and it's a biggie- forget the coffee. Crusher. I won't sugar coat it; that affected me. I substituted beer for coffee, and starting at 7AM sounds like a Good Idea, but it is hard to keep up when you have to maintain composure; a fine line, friends.

#3-haHA!- have no sleeping bag. I fussed at the kids repeatedly to pack their own bags, and J(6) left his out (and most likely told me about it, too) so I assumed his was mine and packed it to find out it wasn't. N(13) shared hers with me and we used it like a blanket- Give Thanks it was warm at night. So, actually, that wasn't so terrible either, really.

#4-buy a Thermarest at Goodwill without examining it closely, only to find the valve came off and it holds no air. Knucklehead. I just got so sick of the weight and bulk of the Paco Pads, even though they are uber comfortable. Lesson learned.

#5- the camera battery died immediately after taking the one photo. Granted, it is a fine figure of a picture, but still. I need one of them Dahon dynohub charger thingamabobs. Big Time.

#6,#6, #6 for my sorrow.

And #7, #7 n-n-no tomorrow.

And #8, #8, I forget what #8 was for.

But #9, #9, #9 for the lost God!

#10,#10, #10, #10. Everything, everything,everything, everything!

You can all just kiss off into the air. It was a fine trip. 3days, 2 nights. We do it all the time.

Fall is fallen.


Gunnar Berg said...

Sounds like everything went as expected. Good trip. Good trip report.

reverend dick said...

I forgot to mention, we discovered there are wild cherries(!) growing out there!

dirty biker said...

hell. yes.

Wonder file said...

Reverend dick!! You are absolutely right i am agree with your points.
Thanks for sharing with us...